Feb. 3, 2018


Today while having breakfast I opened my February Vogue magazine and I was happy to see the advertisement of Peter Thomas Roth on Hungarian Thermal Water Mineral-Rich Moisturizer. Peter started his company in 1993 transforming the minerals of well-known and superefficient Hungarian Thermal water with the infusion of Hungarian botanicals: sunflower, peach, apricot and using the most innovative bio-engineering processes turning all ingredients into state-of-art products. His family is from Hungary and they were managing various spas in the last centuries. This heritage from his father and grandfather gave him the clear career path to share one of the secret weapons of the Carpathian Basin. In his portfolio there are 3 products based on the Hungarian Thermal Water and many other clinical skin care innovative collections which make your skin look healthier, younger and more beautiful. He has a fresh jewellery line as well, worth checking in. I recommend you to visit his web and start discovering his word as I did it. www.peterthomasroth.com