Feb. 6, 2017

Back to the 80s/Vissza a 80-as évekhez

Are you waiting for the spring? Ready for new challenges? What about to bring back the Power Woman Look in your wardrobe?
The power dressing started in the USA in the 70s, but became a core style in business and in political environment in the 80s for women.
It helps women to achieve authority and empower them in negotiation situations in men dominated business meetings - at least this is the message of the look. How? Copy-pasting the conservative style from male wardrobe: tailored suit, jacket with padded shoulders, sweaters, knee-lenght skirts.
This spring the power look is back again. Good time to get a nice jacket with padded shoulders or shirts, pullovers which give your shape a V form.
In the pictures you can have some inspirations from Saint Laurent, Jil Sanders and Louis Vuitton.