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Jun. 23, 2017

The final stage of our summer capsule wardrobe is to select the right patterned items to make our look not only more colorful, but more up-to-date as well. Again, we can have classic lines: striped, flowers, dots and we can sit on the waves of the actual trends: palm trees, tropical motifs, badges, etc. I chose a navy T-shirt, a striped grey skirt, trousers with patches and a beautiful silk dress. With these clothing items we have all the 12 things to complete the wardrobe for our summer. Well, let's follow up with some suggestions how to combine these fantastic dresses.

Jun. 21, 2017

After the basics with neutral colors, the second layers of our summer capsule wardrobe are the colors. This is the occasion when you can select from the trendy and very fashionable colors of the season and put some life into your summer basics. I sticked to the pastelle colors or light versions. One of the reasons is that I like jewellery and those will be more colorful or bigger statements. Also here, it is up to you. A nice cardigan, a rose blouse and a V-neck or a regular shirt are the following stones in your summer wardrobe.

Jun. 20, 2017

Being in an office or going on a business trip in the summer can sometimes be challenging, not only for your wardrobe. With the following posts I would like to share with you my suggestions what to wear and how to wear to be elegant, comfortable, trendy and chic. You need to select only 12 piece of clothes, which is one small size suitcase and 20 or more outfits are at your service. Let's start with the basics: 2 neutral blazers, 1 neutral blouse, 1 cropped pants and white skinny jeans. For my summer capsule wardrobe I chose white and light grey as foundation colors, but of course, you can choose different neutral colors: beige, brown, black. Darker colors are usually not recommended for summer - as most of us would like to express the summer lightness and happiness with our look.

Mar. 20, 2017

In this season beside the trench coat another classical piece was redesigned: the white shirt. I am sure you have at least one white shirt in your wardrobe, if not, you need to get one immediately:)) or two. Great variation can be found in the stores, from high bottomed up to ruffle sleeves, from silk to puplin: good opportunity to invest in more. Here are some inspirations by Kors, Stella McCartney and Derek Lam. Look the outfits, which one do you like?

Mar. 19, 2017

The classical wardrobe piece originally was used as a military coat during the Great War. As it was resistant to rain and with great protection, soldiers wore it in the trenches, this is the origin of its name. The classical trench coat is khaki, which is now a trend. The must-have trench coat was revisited this season. The cuts or the colors are following the Spring 2017 trends: curly sleeves or power shoulders, oversize, fluffy disorder. Leopard sleeves on Burberry, pink and vivid colors - always chic to have a new version. Some inspirations from Burberry, Stella McCartney and Michael Kors.
Before you invest on the remade piece of 2017, make sure you have the classical one. If you can afford, have the Burberry, real investment piece.