Welcome to My Corporate Chic World!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dora Nemeth.
I have been working in a corporate environment for more than 10 years.
I arrived to business from liberal arts and built my career from HR entry level position reaching Head of HR Services during these years. Lately, I finalised my fashion stylist studies in prestigious and practice oriented schools. I like my job and I like to look good - as hopefully most of us.
I had to learn how to support my professional goals with my style, how to be efficient not only in meetings but also putting together my wardrobe - considering time, cost and variability.
I am a woman and I like to be a woman, a woman from Depeche Mode generation, wearing leather jacket, black dresses and boots many many years ago. Generation which likes to follow and break the rules at the same time. Look professional, but not fancy of strictly business faceless look, rather wear smart professional outfits which can express personality as well.
My passion is learning, developing myself and sharing knowledge with my peers and ambitious future women leaders.
That is why I am launching my own career and style blog: I am convinced that my inspirationsguidelines on style and my experiences with daily office life will make our corporate world an enjoyable chic.
Join me to discover My Corporate Chic reality.